Friday, July 15, 2011

My Fitness Costs = Practically Nothing!

I read a newspaper article today about "Easy ways to cut your fitness costs"...

And seriously, a lot of what the article said was a no brainer.

Speaking for myself my fitness costs in the last year have dropped from roughly $1000 annually to almost nothing now.

And the answer is to how I did it is because I just got smarter about how, why and where I exercise.

#1. WHERE: I only exercise in places that are FREE. ie. Public parks, community centers, the Toronto Public Archery Range, at home.

#2. HOW: I only buy equipment I know I will use, will never break and will never need to be replaced or fixed. Once I have said equipment I never have to buy it again.

#3. WHY: I now exercise for FUN. I pick athletic activities I actually enjoy, or take a boring activity and make it fun in some way. For example right now I am doing boxing in the park twice a week with a friend, archery once / week at the Toronto Public Archery Range and these are fun activities. I do all my weighlifting and yoga at home while listening to the kewlest music I can find.

I've also put in some extra effort into finding exercises that are not only more beneficial, but fun to do.

Now the newspaper article I mentioned above doesn't mention any of these things... their suggestion is based on deals and coupons. Things like Groupon coupons which offer discounted 20 yoga classes or 20 kickboxing classes for a mere $30. I admit those are pretty cheap, but if you factor in trasnportation costs it still doesn't beat FREE.

(I admit I do spend $5 per week to get to the Toronto Public Archery Range, but that is it.)

In addition there is also things like FREE SWIMMING at the beach or public pools. FREE running or jogging.

And you can advertise on Craigslist to find exercise partners. Again, free.

The newspaper article meanwhile was pushing iPhone workout videos which cost $2.

You can also get free eBooks online loaded with lots of free exercise advice and tips, more than any website would offer.

And there is free workout videos on YouTube. Come on people, the exercise industry doesn't need your money. You do, for all the new slick and slim clothing you can buy when you are thin and sexy!

You'll be beating the guys away with a purse filled with money you've saved by not wasting your money on fitness things / memberships you don't need.

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