Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shoppers Drugmart... where's the medications?

Okay I am really pissed off at the direction Shoppers Drugmart has taken...

Seriously, go to a Shoppers Drugmart sometime and just browse the aisles... don't actually buy anything.

While there count the numbers of aisles which are for beauty products, food, drinks, birthday / greeting cards, magazines, children's toys, stationary, protein drinks / supplements, etc.

And then count the number of aisles (or half aisles) that actually have medication in them.

The point I am making is that Shoppers Drugmart has become so much more of a convenience store than an actual drugstore. Annoyingly so. The medications are hidden at the back or in between other things for sale.

The only advantage about Shoppers Drugmart is that there is so many of them... often beside a Price Chopper grocery store (which I affectionately call "The Chopper Shopper").

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