Sunday, June 19, 2011

iRobot + robotic garbage cans

So I am visiting my parents for father's day and apparently since I last visted my parents decided to buy two things:

#1. An iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. I've seen them before when I lived in South Korea, and I totally dig the robotic vacuums. They're awesome.

Or as my mother says "They clean the middle areas and miss the corners, so I guess they clean as well as a man cleans."

#2. A robotic motion sensitive garbage can which they bought at the Price Club (where they also got the iRobot). Technically they got 2 of these, they came as a package of two. The large one they put in the kitchen and the smaller is in the downstairs bathroom.

Of these two robotic devices, I definitely prefer the vacuum. It rocks! But the motion sensitive garbage cans are actually annoying. They don't open as quickly as you want them to, and sometimes you walk by and they open even when you don't want them open. Its like they have minds of their own...

In other news, when do the robots rise up and start sending terminators back in time to kill Sarah Connor?

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