Monday, June 20, 2011

iPad Vs PlayBook

TECHNOLOGY - And its a clear winner! The Blackberry PlayBook has more stuff, more webcams, is smaller, more lightweight and the number of apps available is EXPLODING outwards.

The Apple iPad is yesterday's news... so much so that Apple is scrambling to come out with the iPad 2 so that they can try and take some steam out of the lines of people going to buy the Blackberry Playbook.

But here's a prediction...

I think the iPad 2 will be a flop. People are still getting used to the first iPad and the people that would have bought an iPad 2 will be made up mostly of Apple fans (and already have the 1st iPad...)... so why would they buy the iPad 2 unless they have money to waste?

On the contrary the Blackberry PlayBook is for people who want something which is COMPATIBLE with their smartphones, their computers and so forth.

The Apple iPad isn't compatible with pretty much anything. Its a stand alone. A pain really.

Therefore, and this is purely my speculation based on past experience with computer and cellphone sales, that Apple will continue to be a minority because of their self-segregation and lack of compatibility with software and hardware platforms.

So it won't matter if Apple comes out with the iPad 2, the iPad 3, the iPad 4, etc... they're still going to be a minority for as long as they're only preaching to their own choir.

Speaking for myself I want a product that is compatible with the other things I use. Otherwise its just useless and annoying.

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