Friday, May 6, 2011

Voice Recognition Software = Horrible

TECHNOLOGY - I just spent over an hour trying to use Windows Voice Recognition software on my Toshiba notepad. It was horrible, as you will see from the text below. It didn't seem to matter how many clearly I enunciated my voice, it still could not write down what I wanted properly.

Clearly voice recognition software has a long way to go.

I thought it might be a way to make blogs easier, just talking to the computer in a clear voice and let it do the typing, but apparently even my clearest speaking voice is too difficult for the computer to understand.

I wanted to try and write this blog post using the voice recognition software, but it was too difficult and I got an headache. (I recommend Advil or Ibuprofen.)

At several points I even swore at the computer and told it was wrong, but even those epithets wasn't correct. Maybe someday the software will be better, but not yet.

Consider the following a bit of 'failed voice recognition poetry'...

"All glen Ellen and you hear me all I think that is wrong. The way at the above long island online one I've

A lone figure entered

On the line and all I am writing you age alive at anchor and camp

All I am a liking the throat
To an hour
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Ole annual lighting
Your citizen after the lawn and garden machine after

All I am writing the weary of being a recognition voice recognition of where of where of where I live off when the water ridge road conditions of where

Recognition are lower

All one wall of the recognition withdrawn commission vowed not

Let an issue and the wearer with a vision of where a event of an all I have been better and I live"

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