Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Upcoming Review of CSN Boxing Products

We will be doing a review of CSN Boxing Products in the near future. The products we will be reviewing are:

Amber Sporting Goods "The Champ" Boxing Focus Mitts - $21.95
Amber Sporting Goods Double Mouthpiece - $5.95. in clear / white.
Amber Sporting Goods "The Champ" Velcro Boxing Gloves - $23.95
Amber Sporting Goods MMA Quick Wraps - $7.95
TKO Sports Boxing Wrist Wrap - $4.99

Total value is $64.79.

CSN Stores online sell a variety of products, including kitchen/bedroom/bath supplies store, exercise/fitness equipment store, cooking supplies store, and dining room table store

I picked boxing equipment because of my personal interest in classic boxing. I was tempted to try yoga equipment instead, but I thought boxing would be a fun activity to try with a boxing buddy.

Maybe in the future we will do a review of yoga equipment too.


  1. we shall provide you each boxing hand wrap FOB price 1.30 US$ and with your own brand name logo FOB price 1.60 US$ for more info visit our website

  2. Hello, if you want to advertise on here its $30 / year for a link, or we can do a product review using samples of your products.



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