Monday, September 21, 2015

Why does Amazon not accept PayPal?

By C. Moffat

Amazon is one of the world's largest online marketplaces for ordering pretty much anything you want.

PayPal is basically the world's largest online bank, the preferred way to pay for things online because it is safe, secure and fast. In 2014, PayPal moved $228 billion in 26 currencies across more than 190 nations.

So you would think it would make sense that Amazon would accept payments via PayPal...? Wouldn't you?

It would, except that PayPal used to be owned by eBay - an online rival marketplace, but one that focuses on auctioning off used items to the highest bidder.

Now you would think Amazon, which sells new items, and that eBay, which sells mostly used items, would not be rivals, but for whatever reason they are.

In order to better facilitate eBay's users they started the company PayPal to make it easier for people to pay for things online - and PayPal spread across the internet, becoming one of the best ways to safely and quickly transfer money to pay for things, send money to family/friends, etc.

Below is a Live Chat conversation I had with a "Help Representative" from Amazon. He deliberately avoided the real answer as to WHY Amazon doesn't accept PayPal.

The funny thing is that eBay doesn't even own PayPal any more. They are now separate companies, and have been completely separate since July 18th, 2015.

So admittedly the split was very recent. But still this would be an opportunity for Amazon to finally step up their game by accepting PayPal - and what is more they had roughly a year to prepare for the July 18th split, as eBay announced plans to split PayPal off from the parent company back in 2014.

So will greed finally win out and consumers will finally have another option instead of credit cards (which are notoriously problematic to use online)...?

Only time will tell.

What I will tell you is that I have 6 items in my eBay Shopping Cart waiting to be paid for - and I am not going to bother buying them until eBay gets their act together.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


On November 25th a new film is coming out featuring 'Rocky Balboa', except the film isn't about Rocky for once. It is about Apollo Creed's son.

If you are familiar with the Rocky film series you should know who Apollo Creed is - he was in 4 of the films after all and was killed during the 4th film by Soviet Union boxer Ivan Drago. What they don't talk about in that film and the films that follow is what happens to Apollo Creed's wife and son - and thus we come to the new film "Creed", due out in November.

Oddly enough the new Creed film sets the franchise up for more possible films in the future, with Rocky potentially coaching other boxers to success. One I would like to see: Rocky coaching a female Olympic boxer for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Timing wise the boxer in question could actually be his granddaughter.

Trailer Below

For fun here is a YouTube clip of the fight between Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed.

Forbidden Empire

"Forbidden Empire" is a horror / action film produced in Russia / Ukraine and it was released in the USA in May 2015.

However it never got a theatrical release in Canada, for some unknown reason.

That doesn't mean that this movie isn't very good however. It just means it didn't get a lot of press or media coverage in Canada. In the USA the film received mixed reviews, with some people really liking and others less so. In Russia the film set a new box office record, which gives a good indication that the film is actually good - despite it being an English film made in Czech Republic that was then dubbed into Russian. (Yes, I agree, that is weird.)

Truth be told, it is difficult for movies made in Russia, Asia, Europe, Africa or South America to do well in the USA - mostly due to poor distribution, and having almost nothing to do with the quality of the plot, the actors, the computer graphics, etc. It has a lot to do with the fact many of the film companies in Hollywood are part of conglomerates which also own television stations, traditional print media such as newspapers and magazines, and have access to a vast network of resources to advertise, promote and get their films into the theatres.

Also name wise the name "Forbidden Empire" sounds too much like the Chinese film "Forbidden Kingdom", and the two films are really nothing alike. But it does seem to cause confusion when trying to Google the name.

Below is the trailer for the film. My goal here however is not to review the film. It is to tempt the curious to watch the trailer, go "Whoa! This looks really good!" and then make an effort to see the film. If you end up liking or disliking the film please post your reviews in the comment section further below.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Blood Song, a Book Review

Review by C. Moffat.
  • ISBN-10: 0425268284
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425268285
I purchased a copy of "Blood Song" over a month ago at an Indigo. At the time I knew nothing about the fantasy author, Anthony Ryan, what I did know is that it was part of a three book trilogy called "Raven's Shadow" and the 2nd book "Tower Lord" had a recurve bow on the cover. That was basically it. I bought the first book of the trilogy just because of the cover of the 2nd book.
So reading the book I didn't really have high expectations. I knew zero about the author, and I had basically bought the book on a whim.

What I got however was a five star book that within the first several chapters made me wish someone would make a film based on the book. Half way through the book however I determined that "Blood Song" was too complex a book to be made into a film. Let me elaborate and hopefully I won't give away too many spoilers. 

"Blood Song" is about a young warrior monk named Vaelin Al Sorna who as a boy is left at the door of the Sixth Order - an elite order of warrior monks. The first several chapters feel a bit like reading Harry Potter books as the boy grows and is trained as a warrior, learning skills like swordsmanship,  archery, hand to hand fighting, wilderness survival/tracking/hunting, stealth, etc. By the time he is done his training Vaelin is basically part ranger, part warrior-monk. However this only provides you with a better understanding of Vaelin's childhood and training - and introduces you to several key plot points that come back later in the book.

The world of the "Raven's Shadow" trilogy is low magic, but what little magic does exist is called "the Dark" and is innate abilities that only a few possess. Combined with this is "the Faith", which is the dominant religion of the United Realm. The Faith is the belief not in a god, but in the Departed (dead souls) that speak to mankind from the Beyond. The Faith operates six orders dedicated to different topics, the sixth of which is the elite warrior-monks mentioned above.

Within the United Realm all is not well however, as they were united against their will and many parts of the realm are restless, which in turn causes skirmishes and wars. Outside of the realm is also the Alpiran Empire to the south, a wealthy region of city-states separated by vast deserts - and another source of potential war thanks to scheming and greedy leaders.

I don't want to spoil the plot for anyone reading this, so instead I am trying to give more background on the setting rather than spoil anything for would be readers. What I will say is that I was very happy with the storytelling and the ending. I can't wait to read the next two books.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

UPS Vs USPS / Canada Post

I went to UPS earlier this evening at approx. 7 PM to pick up a package (a notice was left on my mailbox when I got home). Behold, the UPS location near Bayview and Eglinton was closed. They closed at 6 PM.

These are their hours.

Monday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday - Closed

I also went to Canada Post on Bayview around the same time to pick up a separate package. Behold they were open!

These are their hours:

Monday - 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday - 08:00 AM - Midnight
Wednesday - 08:00 AM - Midnight
Thursday - 08:00 AM - Midnight
Friday - 08:00 AM - Midnight
Saturday - 08:00 AM - Midnight
Sunday - 08:00 AM - Midnight

Now think about this a bit.

Most people work 9 to 5 jobs. That means that if UPS closes at 6 PM and they want to pick up a package they need to rush to the UPS location after work, DURING RUSH HOUR, and try to get the store location before 6 PM so they can pick up their package.

When you order something online from the United States and have it sent via USPS (United States Postal Service) it gets transferred to the care of Canada Post when it arrives in Canada. And vice for Americans ordering things online from Canada, having it sent via Canada Post and then ultimately delivered by USPS.

I have NEVER had any problems with the quality of service or speed of Canada Post / USPS. In fact I have learned to trust them more than conventional courier companies. eg. I HATE DHL Express Courier.

I also really dislike how couriers charge extra for shipping across the Canada/USA border, even though the distance they are shipping might be less than shipping from say Florida to Texas. See my old post Courier Shipping Prices: Canada Vs USA

But what REALLY annoys me, on the topic of UPS versus USPS/Canada Post is that UPS is slow, has annoying hours when their location is actually open, and has the gall to charge people extra for what they claim is faster service...

However as shown by my recent purchase of three items of identical size and shape from two locations in the USA and from one location in Canada, all paid for around the same time, and shipped around the same time, the first item to arrive was USPS Priority Courier from the USA.

In contrast the UPS item showed up a day later but I decided to try and pick them both up the same day - earlier today.

The third item, shipped from Quebec, was the last of the three to be paid for and shipped and will likely arrive tomorrow. Oddly enough I will probably receive it before the UPS package simply because Canada Post has much better service/hours than UPS.

UPS might have a nice slogan and those brown uniforms their employees wear, but their service is horrible in my opinion.

Note - For reference the three items I purchased were three vintage bows on eBay.

A 1975 Browning Wasp Recurve Bow from Pointe-Claire, Quebec. [Canada Post]

A circa 1972 Black Hawk Avenger Recurve Bow from Vintondale, Pennsylvania. [USPS]

A circa 1966-67 Ben Pearson Cougar Recurve Bow from Cameron, Wisconsin. [UPS]

Three packages identical in size, all paid for within a 24 hour period and shipped within 24 hours after being paid for. The Black Hawk from Pennsylvania arrived first via USPS/Canada Post, the Ben Pearson from Wisconsin is currently being held in storage somewhere by UPS with its horrible hours, and the Browning from Quebec will likely arrive tomorrow via Canada Post because it was the last to be paid for and shipped.

The Browning and the Black Hawk were both paid for at the exact same time and shipped less than 24 hours later. Yet it was the USPS/Canada Post package that arrived first.

Also on the note left on my mailbox by UPS earlier today it says they are expecting C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) of $37.68. Which is odd because I already paid for the shipping ahead of time when I purchased the item. I know this because I have the online receipt for it when I paid for it.

Therefore I am left with an odd conclusion. Either the person shipping it didn't pay for the shipping and sent it C.O.D. (even though I paid for the shipping ahead of time and he knows I paid for it because I have the online receipt). Or UPS has made an error and is claiming it was sent C.O.D. when it was not, either because they are greedy jerks who like to overcharge people or because their company is so shoddily run that they don't keep track of such things.

So is it:

Greedy / incompetent sender from Wisconsin.
Greedy courier company.
Incompetent courier company.

I am curious to know which. I shall try to find out on Friday when I attempt to pick up my package during the middle of the day. To be continued...


UPS did eventually deliver the package and they left it in the mailroom of my apartment building leaning against the wall. A notice was left with it asking for a COD, but after a chat with the seller on eBay they ended up contacting UPS and getting rid of the COD and vowing never to use UPS ever again. On this we are both agreed upon.

Regarding the bows in question, as a separate review I must remark that the Browning Wasp is the one I enjoy the shooting the most. The Black Hawk Avenger is a bit small for me, but still enjoyable. And the Ben Pearson Cougar is likewise an enjoyable bow to shoot. Overall I am very happy with all three.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Man from U.N.C.L.E. Review

By C. Moffat.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the new Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie - in contrast to my girlfriend who refused to even go see it, so I went alone. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

The film was excellent and without ruining the plot I would say it was one of the best / funniest spy thrillers / action films in recent memory. I would rank it up next to the last James Bond film, "Skyfall".

I had never watched the original TV series Man from U.N.C.L.E., but having seen the new film I now want to.

Film remakes of spy thriller TV shows are sometimes pretty hit and miss. Here are two examples:

The Saint (1997) = Awesome. 5 Stars.

The Avengers (1998) = Pretty dismal and ridiculous. I give it 1 star.

I should also note that sometimes even James Bond films are pretty dismal - and sometimes get worse over time. Let me give you an example:

Goldeneye (1995) was an awesome film when it first came out, and did well financially, but over time you start to realize all the plot holes and some parts of the film are downright boring after you've seen them X number of times.

Various other James Bond films also suffer from a touch of the boring, especially "Thunderball".

Which brings me back to Man from U.N.C.L.E. and why I gave it 4 stars. It was a great film. Thoroughly enjoyed it. However will it stand the test of time now that I have already seen it and know the plot twists??? Hmm. Not so sure.

The film did set itself up for sequels however and I would watch those too.

Maybe someday someone will redo the Matt Helm series (originally starring Dean Martin). The Austin Powers series is basically a rip off of Matt Helm, but I think a more sophisticated actor could do a better job.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Boat Maintenance Supplies

Why People Have a Lifelong Fascination with Water

For some people, their connection to boating and to the water starts when they are a child and their parents take them out on the boat to go fishing, to go wake boarding, or to take an inner tube out on the water. For other people, their love of boating started later in life once they were able to reach a level of financial success that allowed them to purchase their own boat. Regardless of whether a person’s love of boating and love of the water started at a young age or started when they were an adult, everyone agrees that there are certain aspects of boating that make it attractive.

One of the reasons why younger and older individuals love to be out on the water is because water is tranquil. Humans have a natural draw to the water. More than likely, this has something to do with the fact that human bodies are made up of more than 70 percent water. So when people are out on a lake or when they are out on the ocean, they feel at home. They feel a natural connection to the water.

Of course, having a boat and spending time on the water does require some expense and some effort on the part of the boat owner. Thankfully, a person can shop online now and purchase repair parts for their boat as well as snacks and other things to take out with them on the water from places like MMI Marine Manufacturers for example. This takes a lot of stress out of the maintenance and upkeep of the boat. In many cases, a person can simply go online, buy the part they need for their boat, and within a couple of weeks have the part delivered to their home. Then they will be able to repair their boat and get back out on the water to enjoy themselves.

Additionally, the constant movement of the water can have a semi-hypnotic effect on a person. Staring out over the vastness of the lake or the immensity of an ocean is mesmerizing. It can temporarily cause a person to forget the problems or frustrations they have in their life. Couple this with the gentle rocking motion of the water and it is clear to see why many people visit the lake or visit the ocean when they want to relax.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Cane Sugar Root Beer

Wow. This stuff is really good. I should try the other flavours sometime.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover

Purchased "Tide To Go" Instant Stain Remover today.

Why? Spilled ice cream on my new shorts from the Hudson Bay. Brand new shorts. Seemed like such a huge waste to already have a stain on them.

So I figured I would try the stain remover product to see how quickly and easily it removes stains.

So far so good. The shorts are currently drying after being treated with Tide To Go. The stains appear to be gone, but we shall see and confirm after the liquid cleaning solution dries.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Terminator Genisys Review

By Charles Moffat.

I will be adding a review of Terminator Genisys later tonight or tomorrow. I will be seeing the film later today and then updating this post with my review. I have been waiting patiently for almost a year to see this film, so I hope it does not disappoint.

In the meantime here is the movie trailer.

UPDATE - Okay, I am giving Terminator Genisys 4 stars out of 5. I was even tempted to give it 4.5 stars, so let me explain why.

#1. It was a good solid plot, {SPOILER ALERT} capitalizing on the recent rise of social media and exploring alternate timelines / time travel. (It even gave a nod to the Terminator Chronicles TV series. Fans of the TV show will recognize that nod when they see it.)

#2. Excellent acting from all parties.

#3. The pacing of the film was excellent, just the right amount of action, excitement and plot development.

#4. Excellent graphics. Some people prefer the graphics from the 2nd film of the franchise, but it is all good in my opinion.

I am tempted to give an extra half star just because {SPOILER ALERT} they left it open for another possible film at the end.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Renovating and Waterproofing Bathrooms

Is Your Floor Stable Enough for that Large Tub?

When renovating the bathroom, some people don't consider how much weight the floor needs to sustain in order to remain intact. This is especially true when considering large tubs or hot tubs. Gallons and gallons of water used to fill these comfortable additions can weigh quite a bit, and an older floor may be too degraded to sustain the weight.

Water Damage from the Past

Hiring a bathroom renovation specialist can help you determine if the support beams for the floor are sound enough to sustain additional weight from a tub upgrade. Over time, water damage can rot support beams reducing the capabilities of each one. This damage could have come from overflowing toilets, water from the shower, bad sink drains and much more. Until you tear into the floor itself, you may never know just how degraded these beams can be.

Water Sealants

When installing new fixtures, it is important that the edges be sealed with a waterproof substance. This is usually done with a sealing calk that prevents water seepage under the floor. Over time, this sealant can be compromised leading to the water damage of floor boards and support frames. Even a few droplets of water each day from each shower taken in the home can eventually lead to rotten wood or mold growth.

Before you put that larger tub in the bathroom, seek the advice of a professional. Without proper support, the extra weight from the additional water could cause your bathroom to cave into the space below. While this might not be a overly damaging prospect in a single level home, multiple levels houses could have a great deal of damage done from an upstairs tub sinking into the floor.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gibberish in Advertising

Have you ever noticed how television advertising is often about using certain words and phrases that are ultimately meaningless?


Call now
Cutting Edge
Dealer pricing
Employee pricing
Excellence or Exceptional
Final weeks to save
First Annual
Free Gift
Great Deal
Giving 110 Percent
Going out of business sale
Hassle Free
Home of the ______
Honest Truth
Huge Savings
Information Superhighway
Largest Selection
Last Chance
Loaded with options
Nearly Flawless
New and Improved
Once in a lifetime
Outside the box
Pass the savings onto you
Prompt Service
Quality of Life
Quality Workmanship
Setting the standard
Take advantage of
Trained Professional
Virtually Any
Your _______ needs
Zero money down

However on the internet, where keywords are EVERYTHING, these advertising words become filler - complete useless. The primary goal is to use the words for which the website was made for.

So for example lets pretend you were trying to sell car insurance on television. The monologue for a car insurance TV commercial might sound like this:

Are you looking for employee pricing car insurance? Imagine being able to get great deals on car insurance rates, the best service from our team of friendly and professionally trained staff who will fulfill all of your car insurance needs - offering you the best quality and excellence you can expect, all while making car insurance more hassle free and affordable. Get zero money down on your first month of car insurance by calling now!

Now imagine a website that has everything written like that? It would look idiotic. The stuff people get away with in television advertising would look like it was written by an amateur on the internet. The meaningless words shown in print are revealed as such and suddenly any normal person can no longer take the website in question as anything but either an amateurish mistake or a joke, poking fun at the use of meaningless words.

Take for example the image on the right, which shows keywords and which ones are the most expensive to advertise in (and most profitable) for publishers in theory.

Conference Call
Cord Blood

I don't even know what "cord blood" is. I just looked it up. Apparently it has to do with special banks that store blood from umbilical cords for future use in stem cell transplants.

So back to the example of insurance, an insurance company's websites goal is to show lots of content. Content about every kind of insurance they sell, and in theory they should also be showing consumer stories about their customer experience - talking about how their car got stolen, they needed the car to get to work, and the insurance company was so fast, the service was friendly and helpful, and even got them a rental car while they processed the insurance claim.

This way their website gets lots of content on the topic, includes customer feedback, and customers end up feeling like they were treated like an individual instead of like another number.

Ask yourself which do you prefer: To buy your car insurance from a company full of gibberish or a company which shows they live up to the claims. I know which company I would pick.

African-American Culture and News

Appreciating African-American Culture And Entertainment

African-American culture isn't entirely different from some mainstream cultures, but it's different enough that African-Americans feel an emptiness when they look at mainstream media. They don't see people who look, think, and talk like them, and they detect a noticeable absence of African-American figures in the arenas of politics and business. For those people who want their children to grow up appreciating their culture, and for those African-Americans who want to hold onto their own culture, there are channels that broadcast African American news and issues that hit home with its audience.

News and issues

News and issues focus on central figures in the African-American community that are up and coming on the political scene or that are doing noteworthy things in the community. There are also stories of community news that deal with noteworthy legal issues that might be pressing for the African-American community.

Sports and entertainment

It's not all serious on African-American channels. There are entertainment and sports features that bring home those genres to the masses and give the entertainment an African-American voice to appreciate. This might include musicians, actors, sports figures, and stand-up artists who bring joy to the world through those gifts.

You don't have to be African-American to appreciate the culture. Anyone can tune in, just like African-Americans also watch mainstream networks and news shows that focus on a more causation audience. Diversity in our entertainment broadens horizons across the board for people across cultures.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Water Wars / Boycotting Nestle Corporation

Okay, so I have decided to boycott the Nestle corporation and all of their products.

The reasons why myself (and others) have opted to boycott Nestle vary, but my personal reason for boycotting Nestle is because of the company's stance on the privatization of water.

In the video below the Nestle CEO asserts that water is not a human right and that it is a foodstuff like any other, and therefore should be packaged and controlled by corporations and not controlled by the government providing free tap water to citizens. Basically he wants to make money off selling water (and soft drinks and coffee and assorted beverages) to people and wants governments to stop controlling the distribution of free water.

Now if you are familiar with the Bugs Bunny catchphrase "Of course you know this means war..." then you should know right away that people dying of thirst are not going to take the idea of privatization of water laying down.

So for example in South America, where water supplies are dwindling so much that even the plot of the James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" was about an evil corporation trying to take over the water supply of Bolivia, well, the concept of a war over water supply is certainly a real prospect.

Enter Nescafe - created by the Nestle corporation in1938. Nestle you may recall is a Swiss company that began in 1866, began from humble beginnings selling condensed milk (to be mixed with free water) and instant baby formula. Nescafe is now one of the largest producers of coffee in the world, and Nestle one of the largest corporations in the world.

Nescafe is extremely popular in South America. The name is almost a synonym for coffee.

So what happens if Nescafe / Nestle decides they want to take over South America's supply of fresh water? Package it and sell it. The privatization of everything from sewer pipes, the water you wash yourself with, wash your clothes with, and use to wash your dishes. What happens?

Imagine a system wherein people are charged for the amount of water they use and if they don't pay they are cut off and left to die - and if they try to get their water from another source they discover that Nestle owns that too. Because according to Nestle, water is not a human right and is a commodity. Given time (and government bribery) they would probably even make it against the law to collect rain water or other ridiculous laws designed in an effort to make the Nestle corporation richer.

Now you might think, hey, this would never happen in Canada or the United States would it? Are you so sure of that? The American Midwest is becoming a desert (thanks to global warming) and places like Las Vegas are in such a short supply of fresh water they are piping it in from other regions.

Mark my words, the privatization of water and rising prices of fresh water will lead to riots in the streets and people / nations killing each other for a drink.

In Canada we have tonnes of water - so much we are already packaging it and sending it overseas as bottled water. But will it be Canadian corporations who make it rich, or foreign corporations who extort our water and makes themselves billionaires while sharing only a tiny fraction with the Canadian government? After all Canada has NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and various other free trade agreements. That means Canada makes ZERO on the export of water and only makes money off the income tax of employees. Water bottling plants are mostly robots, so the number of employees is minimal - and local managers can be paid peanuts compared to what a corporation can make selling Canadian water overseas.

Monday, January 12, 2015

James Bond Vs Spectre

So it was announced recently that the new James Bond film, starring Daniel Craig, will be called "Spectre".

And if you are like many Canadians, you can name most of the James Bond films, you have a favourite actor who played James Bond (mine is Roger Moore, but Daniel Craig is pretty awesome too), and you probably can't wait to see the new 007 film, which is due to be released on November 6th 2015.

So the good news is that Spectre is back - a villainous organization dating back to a time when that hack Sean Connery was playing James Bond (seriously, Connery just says his lines and looks good, he doesn't have any acting skill).

You know what I would really love however?


Bring back Jaws, the villain-turned-hero who appeared in two different James Bond films and becomes a hero by the end of the 2nd film. I know who would be a good actor to play Jaws as well - the guy who played Ser Gregor Clegane or “The Mountain That Rides" in Game of Thrones, also known as Hafthor Bjornsson. The guy is so big he makes Arnold look small, which makes him a great option to play Jaws.

At 6'9" tall, 386 lbs Hafthor Bjornsson can not only play Jaws, but as one of the top 5 strongest men currently alive - and the only one of those who is an actor, he can play the role well. The guy dresses up as the Incredible Hulk just for fun.

But in the meantime, just for fun, lets have a look at the introductory music videos found at the start of the last 3 James Bond films made by Daniel Craig.




Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shoes, Handbags and Free Shipping

Honestly I am not into buying shoes online. I like to try them on in person.

Thus when I see websites like Sole Society I shake my head in disgust. The site in question sells shoes, handbags, jewelry, hats, scarves, sunglasses and accessories - most of which are things you would probably rather try on in the store before purchasing.

For example I have never purchased shoes without trying them on first.

I have never bought a handbag / backpack or anything like that without opening it first and checking out the inside.

Jewelry? Well, if it was a ring for example I need to try it on to see if it fits. Bracelets and necklaces, okay, probably don't need to try it on, but it is still nice to see it in person first. Maybe check to make sure the diamonds are real.

Hats and sunglasses, again, need to try them on and check yourself in the mirror.

Scarves are the only item on the website I would even consider ordering.

In which case, am I that low on stores nearby that sell scarves? I can get to the Eaton's Centre in 30 minutes if I time the buses and subway perfectly. (When I lived downtown I was able to walk there in 10 minutes or bicycle there in 4.)

So I really don't see much benefit in buying shoes/similar items online unless they are ridiculous cheap compared to a store, which I doubt because the cost of shipping must be worked into the price somehow. Or if they are ridiculously cheap, there must be something wrong with them.

For example I know I can go on Alibaba and order lots of super cheap things from China and India. eg. You can buy 100 bamboo arrows from China for $30 + shipping. And the more you buy, the cheaper they are. That is amazingly cheap for a product you can sell in Canada for roughly $5 per arrow. So as long as a person could find plenty of buyers, you could conceivably buy 1000 arrows on there for about $300 + shipping and then sell them here in Canada for $5000.

That is the big trick about Alibaba. Everything is in bulk orders. eg. 50 pairs of shoes, or 120 pairs of shoes - everything is a minimum order of a relatively large amount.

But you won't find reputable brand names on there because you have to purchase those from the manufacturer's distributors. eg. I tried looking for Nike shoes, but the only thing I could find is display cases for selling Nikes on.

So in this case, yes, you can find things for ridiculously cheap prices online. But they won't be brand name and you have to order it in bulk. And the shipping isn't free.

Free Trial of Mega Flix

Watching movies online for free is just one of those things many people do these days. Especially if you are into downloading your films for free.

However having the convenience of watching movies sooner - and not having to wait for the film to download - is rather nice to have. This is why I have a subscription to Netflix.

But there are other companies which offer movie downloading - including free trials.

For example:

Mega Flix has a 5 Day Free Trial

Recently I have also been thinking of getting CraveTV ( see ) just for the convenience of being able to watch as much TV shows as I want for only $4 per month. That is just ridiculously cheap and good value.

CraveTV has Game of Thrones, Dallas, Sopranos, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, Corner Gas, Monty Python (the TV show and all the films) and a whole lot more. It is very tempting. However there is just one flaw:

Most of the shows on there that I would want, I already own on DVD. Or have access to on Netflix.

So at this point I am undecided. That doesn't mean however that CraveTV might not be right for you. Maybe you don't have Netflix like I do. Or maybe you prefer to download everything for free (in which case, check out that free trial - it is basically 5 days worth of free movies).

Monday, December 29, 2014

Buck Knife from Canadian Tire

By Charles Moffat - December 2014.

I have been meaning for several months now to post a review about this small but very handy knife I purchased at Canadian Tire.

If I recall correctly it was $14.99 + HST, but I don't recall precisely.

What I do know however is that I haven't any problems with this knife's usability, sharpness or any problems with it breaking.

My previous knife, which I lost back in the summer, was a Gerber. The problems I encountered with the Gerber were two fold:

1. The Gerber blade dulled pretty easily. Although I admit I sometimes used it to draw lines in the dirt, which is a bad thing to do to a knife because it dulls the blade pretty quickly. Once dulled however I found it was difficult to sharpen and never held an edge that well. I also determined that the Gerber blade got scratched up pretty easily, which leads to my belief that the quality of the steel wasn't the greatest at holding its edge if it could get scratched so easily.

2. The Gerber had a belt clip on the side of it that got caught on a guard rail and got bent out to the side. When I tried to bend it back it would just spring back to its new position sticking out in annoying fashion. The bent clip meant it didn't hold into jeans pocket that well and would fall out easily - hence how it eventually got lost.

After the clip got bent I started looking for a replacement knife for the Gerber because I knew it was just a matter of time before I lost it.

When I purchased the Buck pocket knife I really just wanted a replacement for the Gerber that would work well for my purposes. I wasn't expecting it to last forever and I was secretly expecting it to dull quickly like the Gerber did.

But it hasn't. It holds the edge very well, I haven't had any sharpness problems with it. It is just a small and handy knife.

I also routinely carry a Swiss army knife, but I must say that I am now in the market for a new Swiss army knife so if there are manufacturers out there looking for a review of their product contact me (charlesmoffat at charlesmoffat dot com) and I shall review a sample of your product(s).


Review by Charles Moffat - December 2014.

"The best comedy of the year."

Note - "The Interview" starring Seth Rogen and James Franco was Made in Canada - which means, arguably, that North Korea should be threatening Canada, not the USA for its production.

I have been wanting to see this film for months, ever since I heard about it. Partially because I used to live in South Korea, but also because I want to see an end to the war between the USA and North Korea - which has been in a state of cold war for 61 years now. The Korean War may have ended in 1953, but the war never officially ended because they never signed an armistice. This means that for 61 years North Korea has been in a state of war with the USA and South Korea, and there has been numerous skirmishes between north and south, but it hasn't been a case of active war.

In recent years North Korea has been ramping up its long range missile development and its focus on nuclear weapons. The country currently has the capability of launching ICBM nuclear missiles across the Pacific Ocean and striking targets in the western USA, Hawaii and Alaska.

And to make matters worse, the leadership of North Korea has been handing from father to son, so the current leader of North Korea is a 31 year old man. A man which has been tasked with defeating the USA, staying in power while his people starve, and smashing any hopes of rebellion against him.

Thus making a comedy about two American reporters sent to kill him is just hilarious with the premise alone, but I want to make clear here that having watched the film myself that this film is extremely well scripted, well written, and well acted. The best comedy of the year, in my opinion.

Thus I am giving it FIVE STARS out of five.

And I am not just saying this just because I have an interest in North Korea's eventual defeat and reunification with South Korea, I sincerely believe this film is the best comedy film I have seen this year.

When North Korea heard about the comedy they became worried about what it might contain that would embarrass their country and their "supreme leader", and you know what, the film does not disappoint. The film brilliantly shows off Kim Jong-un as a maniacal dictator who pretends to be a god.

Sony, which funded the film ended up pulling the movie out of movie theatres due to terrorist death threats made against audiences that watched it, but later released it on YouTube anyway (for a fee) and also released it to privately owned art theatres.

Thus the film won't make as much money as originally predicted, but it is my opinion that this film should be seen by millions of people anyway - simply because it is that good.

Case in point - My girlfriend doesn't like the actor Seth Rogen, but she ended up liking the film anyway. Kind of like how I like Romeo and Juliet, even though I cannot stand Leonardo DiCaprio.





There are many parts of the film I really enjoyed, but my favourite part is when Kim Jong-un cries so hard that he s**** himself.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Man's Guide to Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas

Are you a man and you in a rush to get a xmas gift for someone special? Here are 5 last minute ideas for gifts.

#1. Puppy, Kitten or Fish

Depending on whether the person is a dog, cat or fish person - this could actually be a really good gift to give them. You should also get them pet food (the appropriate kind) with the pet, and in the case of fish you will also need to buy a fish tank and any accompanying gadgets for the fish.

Note - Not all people are into pets (eg. some people are allergic). I personally would LOVE a kitten for xmas. Preferably a Russian Blue (which is technically grey, but whatever). I think they're adorable.

#2. Tools and Power Tools

If the person in question is a manly man (or a handy woman) then you can never go wrong with tools. But you can buy the wrong type of tools. Way too many people buy hammers, screwdrivers, ratchet sets, drills and drill bits - but for the really tough jobs men need a greater variety of tools like:

Mallet + Chisels (these go together)
Rip Saws
Hack Saws
Coping Saws
Measuring tools
Work Benches
Vice grips

But then there is also the power tools. Nail gun, band saw, jig saw, rotary saw, chain saw, oxy-acetylene cutting torch, drill press, etc. eg. I saw a wood lathe awhile back I saw in Canadian Tire and I decided to take a photo and put it on my "TO BUY LIST", which is a list of things I personally want to buy sometime.

#3. Ties, Belts, Suspenders

For the non-manly men you probably don't know their shoe size, precise pants size (length and waist), shirt size, etc. So what can you get them? Well you're in luck. You can probably guess their waist size and be able to pick out a belt that is in their size - or if not are sure, you can more easily get them a tie or suspenders (all men look awesomely retro in suspenders).

 #4. La Senza Gift Card or Shoes Gift Card

Honestly, men are clueless when it comes to buying lingerie, bras and panties. So if you are sincerely wanting to buy something "sexy" for your significant other this xmas, maybe you should not buy it yourself but instead get a gift card - so that they can approve of the purchase before you buy something they will never wear.

Now you might think "Why La Senza?" Well it is like this. Not all women like Victoria Secret or La Vie En Rose. But they do all like La Senza. I don't why this is, it just is. La Senza is like the "happy middle ground" apparently that all women can apparently go to when shopping for such things. I don't claim to know why, I am just reporting the way it is. Maybe a woman would be able to best explain why ALL women apparently like this store, but dislike certain other stores. (I have a hunch it has something to do with sizes, marketing styles, etc.)

Failing this your next best option is SHOES. So find a shoe store you think they would like and get a gift card from that store. Shoes are an universal commodity according to many women.

#5. Hobby Related Books or Magazine Subscription

Let us pretend for a moment you are buying a gift for your mother, step-mother, mother-in-law, sister or grandmother however - and thus lingerie is probably a bad idea, and even shoes might be a bad idea if they only use orthopedic shoes. Here is what you do - go on Facebook, sneak around and research their hobbies - or judge based upon your past knowledge of the person what their hobbies are.

For example lets say your mother-in-law's hobbies are cooking, sewing/knitting and going to the ballet. Thus you have a long list of recipe books, sewing/knitting books, and even books about ballet to choose from.

To say nothing of subscriptions to "Canadian Living" (a recipe / crafts magazine based in Canada), "Chatelaine Magazine" (also based in Canada) and "The Dance Current" (a Canadian based magazine about ballet and modern dance). Or if she likes to travel, then you can guess she would probably like "National Geographic".

Speaking for myself I would love to have magazine subscriptions to "Traditional Bowhunter Magazine", "Popular Woodworking", "Canadian Woodworking", and "National Geographic".

Band Saws and Band Saw Blades

Back in the Winter of 2013/14 the band saw blade on the band saw I have been using for years finally broke, so I decided to try and find a replacement blade for it.

After all band saws are extremely useful for cutting any kind of wood for DIY projects (using a thin blade band saws can even be used like a jig saw, making intricate curving cuts in the wood).

But when it came to finding a replacement blade I discovered that my lowly "hobby band saw" was so small that many stores did not sell band saw replacement blades in that size.

So instead I ended up buying a brand new band saw, and purchased one that had a more standard size blade (62 inches), which meant that if the new one ever breaks I just have to go buy new replacement blades and never have to worry about whether they have them in the correct size, because they are a standard size that are really popular.

The brand I purchased last winter was Ryobi (specifically a Ryobi 9" Band Saw - the 9 inches measures something else on the band saw, not the blade itself). Here is a photo of what it looks like on the right.

Asides from the noise (it is fine cutting through softwood but it screams like a dying cat when you cut hardwood) I am quite happy with this band saw.

As a tool, it does everything I expect it to do for my needs. Easy to use, operate, clean, etc. It is even easy to replace the blades.

Today, the band saw blade that came with it finally broke. I should note in broke because I was rushing through the cut too fast, possibly combined with normal wear and tear. So I need to go purchase replacement blades.

So I check Home Depot (where I purchase the Ryobi last winter) for the prices of band saw blades. I see a variety of blades, different sizes and widths. I double check the length of the blade I need: 62 inches, and I see right at the top two blades that suit my needs by a company called AvantiPro, available in 62 x 3/16ths and 62 x 1/4.

So I think I will buy 1 of each. That way the next time a band saw blade breaks I will be able to just open the packaging for the other one - or I can swap for the thinner blade when doing detailed cuts, or use the thicker blade when cutting through harder/thicker wood.

So now I am patting myself on the back for my wise purchase last winter, wondering why I didn't buy replacement blades at the time, and also fuming at myself for rushing through the cut that broke it in the first place. So reasons to be both happy for the product I purchased, but unhappy about my lack of foresight. That is my fault however, not the band saw's fault.

If you are looking to get someone a gift this xmas, consider getting them a band saw if they don't have one already. Also buy replacement blades while you are at it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Moustache Wax - Two Reviews

Review by Charles Moffat - December 2014.

On the left is Firehouse Moustache Wax (dark), which you can find online at

On the right is Urban Beard Moustache Wax (blonde), which you can find at

I enjoyed reviewing both of these products, but ultimately ended up preferring the Urban Beard Moustache Wax because it was available in blonde. The dark Firehouse wax was equally good in my opinion, but the colour was slightly off for my dark blonde beard. It was fairly close.

The Urban Beard Moustache Wax is made using organic oils, and while the Firehouse moustache wax doesn't say anything about whether it is organic, I think it probably is organic judging by the similar smell. Both of these waxes smelled nearly identical so I have a sneaky suspicion that due to their very similar performances on my moustache that their recipes are practically identical. They are basically the same product, but different colours and different brand names.

Since these two products ended up being so good at their job and nearly identical except for their colours I ended up making homemade moustache wax using bees wax and coconut oil - and determined that I am not very good at making homemade moustache wax, so maybe I should stick to the store bought stuff. I made the homemade wax in an effort to find a 3rd comparison, but also to see just how easy it is to do. The instructions (below) seemed easy enough, but having instructions and following them are two different things.

Homemade moustache wax still works, but the process of making it made me realize I would rather just buy stuff that someone else made so I don't have to do the work myself.

There are many other companies out there who make moustache wax, these are just the two companies I have reviewed so far. If additional companies want to be reviewed they can contact me via email: charlesmoffat at charlesmoffat dot com.


Get 1 ounce of bees wax and 1 ounce of coconut oil.

Step 1. Melt the bees wax in a container inside boiling water. Go easy on the heat, wax can explode under heat and pressure.

Step 2. Remove the container from the boiling water and add the coconut oil. Stir until everything is melted and completely mixed.

Step 3. Pour the mixture into a glass heat-resistant container or into leftover moustache wax tins.

Step 4. Let cool for 45 minutes or more.


To apply wax keep the wax warm (room temperature or slightly better). Use small portions at a time by scraping it with your thumbnail like a bulldozer, roll the scraping into a ball, and then work it into the moustache.  Comb your moustache to style it.

The Senator Restaurant in Toronto

Note - Get a reservation. This place is busy and you basically need a reservation just to get in. We lucked out and managed to get seats anyway without a reservation, but don't expect that to be the norm.

Omidragon the 6 ounce burgers are good. Good fries too. Price of burger platter was $16.

I also recommend the buttermilk fried chicken, served with buttery mashed potatoes and gravy. Something about buttermilk makes fried chicken taste waaaaaay better. Price of buttermilk fried chicken platter was $20.

Served with London Heineken (tastes better than regular Heineken) our meals were amazing.

The bill was pricier than most pub fares, but the service was excellent, the location conveniently close to the Eatons Centre, and the food was freaking amazing.

Definitely a place worth coming back to. Five Stars.

The owners of The Senator should renovate and add a 2nd story, just so they can bring in more customers. This restaurant is a hidden gem of deliciousness.

Dukes of Hazard AutoTrader

I love a great car commercial - especially anything with the Dukes of Hazard. :)

Note - I have never used AutoTrader, I just really like this commercial. They should make a Dukes of Hazard movie (with the original actors starring, not that horrible film with the younger actors).

I was going to post a 2nd video on here, a documentary about the making of Dukes of Hazard (the show, not the ad above), but the video was disabled for embedding. Boooooo!

So instead here is a videos about many of the jumps made during Dukes of Hazard.

In case you are wondering the car is the 1969 Dodge Charger.

Grilling Bacon

I saw this in a store and snapped a photo. $9.99 at Canadian Tire.

Mmm... microwaved bacon.

If you have this item at home and it works well/poorly, please post your review in the comments. I am curious to know whether it works well or whether it is a piece of junk. (But not curious enough to spend $$ on it when I can just make the bacon on the stove instead.)

Free Handbag Offer

Who doesn't want free things. Companies should give away free samples of their products more often. ;)

Click the following link to visit Stearns & Foster to enter your name in the draw to win a free leather handbag.


The handbag is a limited edition Hammitt handbag created for Stearns & Foster. Just visit the Stearns & Foster facebook page and Like it to enter for the chance to win a limited edition handbag by Hammitt. That is all you have to do to enter.

  • American Made Luxury. Superior Craftsmanship. Timeless Design.
  • Handmade with the finest materials by master craftsman.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sim Card Removed Error Message = Cellphone Annoyance

For the last day my cellphone has been giving me an error message that my Sim card has been removed. Without the Sim card I cannot place phone calls, send text messages or use the internet - which is really freaking annoying. (And apparently a very common problem with Sim cards.)

What is more annoying is that fact that the Sim card is still there. It has not been removed. It hasn't even been touched at all.

"SIM card removed - The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted."

Note - Different cellphones use slightly different messages, but they all claim the Sim card has been removed. What would make more sense is a message that says "Your Sim card is broken. See your phone company for a replacement."

And the only way to get the phone to work properly again is to restart the phone... which appears to be a roughly 70 / 30 chance that you get the message again...

"SIM card removed - The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted."

Or it works normally - for the moment. And then decides not to work later on and gives you the message again.

"SIM card removed - The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted."

Thus when I woke up this morning.

"SIM card removed - The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted."

So I restarted it and it worked fine. So I took a shower and then checked it again.

 "SIM card removed - The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted."

Very annoying. To me it would make sense to have the option to click "Retry Sim Card" on my phone instead of having to restart it each time. Obviously it is not "trying hard enough".

I have checked various forums on the topics, people with the same problem - people who try removing the back, replacing the battery, removing/readding the Sim card, etc.

And the only conclusion that seems to be a permanent fix is to go to your phone company and replace the Sim card.

This follows the idea that the Sim card is just old and broken, and the only solution is to replace it.

My thoughts on this is that Sim cards must suck donkey balls if they break so easily for no apparent reason. Why are we using a piece of technology that breaks so easily?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Starbucks Gift Card, Reloadable

Recently I received a reloadable Starbucks Gift Card.


Well the neighbours next door tore down their house and are rebuilding a new house. So it is rather noisy. I am not sure who did it - either the neighours or the construction company - but they left a Starbucks Gift Card in our mailbox as an apology for all of the noise.

Which, frankly, I barely noticed the noise over all the noise I make playing with my woodworking tools. Or the movies I watch. Or the episodes of The Woodwright's Shop I have been watching lately.

But whatever, the Starbucks Gift Card was a nice gesture. And what is also nice is that it is reloadable so I can use it again and again - and I go to Indigo a lot, and there is a Starbucks in every Indigo, so this just works well for me.

In totally unrelated news I am addicted to watching The Woodwright's Shop. It is a TV show that has been on the air since 1981 (33 years!!!) and is dedicated to traditional woodworking.

Now I admit, I like my power tools - especially my band saw - but as TV shows go The Woodwright's Shop has the trifecta of everything you want in a woodworking TV show. It is funny. It teaches you new things about woodworking and woodworking tools. And there is a healthy dose of history for the people who like historical examples of woodworking.

Just watch the 20th Anniversary episode of The Woodwright's Shop to see what I am talking about.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Best Dentist in Toronto - Part One

Back in September I decided to go on a quest to find The Best Dentist in Toronto.

Now granted, Toronto has over 1000 dentists according to Yelp (or 800+ dentists according to Google) which means I could go to a new dentist every day for 2 to 3 years and still not try every dentist in Toronto. So trying each and every dentist in Toronto is impractical.

So instead what I have decided to do is to start at the top of the list.

When you Google 'toronto dentist' the first page comes up with a list of map locations of dentists, followed by 4 pages that are directories for dentists. The first dental practice listed is "Archer Dental".

(Plus my friend Robert recommended the place, so that is another reason.)

Archer Dental, according to my research, was listed as the Best Dentist in Toronto by NOW Magazine in 2013, so I think it is a good place to begin my series of dentist reviews. However let me backtrack a bit here and take us back to 2003 so I can review a different dental practice for comparison purposes.

In June 2003 I had was getting read to leave Canada and go overseas to South Korea. Since I didn't know what the dentists would be like in South Korea I opted to have a visit to the dentist before I left and hopefully I could forego visiting any dentists for the year I was in SK.

The dental office I went to was the dental office at York University's York Lanes, now known as York Lanes Dental Office.

I had already been to the York Lanes Dental Office several times before - without incident - but during that final trip I was given a deep cleaning by a new dental hygienist who - as best as I can tell was just fresh out of dental school or was still a student. What followed was the most painful experience of my entire life. It was absolute torture. It went on for what felt like hours.

When the dental hygienist was done I was missing part of my gums. They had literally torn my gums to pieces and one of the pieces was missing, completely cut out.

Thus began a very long period in my life in which I swore I would never go to another dentist again. Ever. Instead I embarked on a daily brushing / mouthwash ritual that sometimes included me taking a toothbrush with me to events so I could immediately brush my teeth after eating.

And believe me when I say I was paranoid about my teeth. I would brush too hard, I use mouthwash a lot (I have become a bit of an expert on mouthwashes and really should post a detailed review on them sometime), and I am a big fan of using sugarfree gum when I am outdoors so I clean my teeth using the gum.

It was 11 years and 3 months before I finally went to see another dentist, in September 2014.

When I finally made the decision to visit a dentist it was because I thought I had a chip in my tooth. But what I thought was a chip was actually a build up of 11 years worth of "calculus". It was not the tooth which had chipped, it was the calculus build up which had chipped. (Calculus chipping off is actually a good thing, but to my tongue it felt like a chip in my tooth.)

Despite all of my paranoid brushing time had still built up a layer of calculus on one small section of my teeth I wasn't brushing properly. My bad. Need to brush there more often.

So let us go back to the present.

I arrived at Archer Dental slightly early (about 9:50 or so AM, for a 10 AM appointment) on September 25th. I was given a very comprehensive form to fill out, covering everything from whether I was diabetic to what kind of medications I was on.

Once that was done I sat there and waited, playing with my phone because the choices of reading material available in the waiting room was limited to women's magazines and National Geographic. Oh what I would give for a Lee Valley catalogue for men to read... Seriously, they should add that to the pile of magazines on the shelf. Lee Valley catalogues are free and men LOVE reading anything that has tools or tech items in them. Add a Wired magazine subscription, plus a Lee Valley catalogue subscription and any man visiting their waiting room would be quite happy. I think I will bring along a Lee Valley catalogue during my next visit and surreptitiously leave it behind for other men to read. (I think the reason why it was mostly women's magazines because it is usually mothers who end up taking the kids to the dentist instead of fathers.)

Fortunately I did not have to wait that long. You know how most dentists make you wait FOREVER before you actually get to see them? Well my wait really was not that long. I was early after all, but I do believe my appointment actually started on schedule.

I was introduced to my dental hygienist for the day, Mary, who was extremely polite, considerate and willing to explain everything as we went along. I met Dr Archer later on, who likewise exemplified those values I find to be so important in a dentist. It was Mary however who ended up cleaning and also deep cleaning my teeth - and removing 11 years worth of calculus from my teeth, making me feel like I had a brand new set of teeth. And she did it while being as gentle and as understanding as possible. (That doesn't mean I wasn't in pain during the deep cleaning, that stuff is still painful - but at least she didn't rip my gums to pieces like that dental hygienist at York Dental.)

Afterwards I felt like I had been given a brand new lease on life. Like I was suddenly going to live long and have a fuller life. I was so happy with the results I promised to bring flowers the next time I visit, which will likely include a thank you note too.

When was the last time you went to a dentist and was so happy with the results you wanted to bring them flowers?

I am visiting Archer Dental again in a few weeks for a 2nd deep cleaning. After that I may end up becoming a regular visitor, but I also will be continuing my search for The Best Dentist in Toronto - which means I will need to explore and experiment with other dentists in Toronto and see how they stack up and compare with Archer Dental for their level of quality service.

Subscribe to Product Reviews Canada and read more reviews of dentists in Toronto in the future as I explore other dentists and try to determine which is the best. For now, the best dentist office in Toronto is Archer Dental.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) Screens Breaking Too Easily

You may have heard recently in the news that the new iPhone 6 (+ 6 Plus) bends a bit over time when put in your pocket or when bowed under even small pressure... But have you also heard that this is causing the screens to break easier?

If you are familiar with iPhone screens breaking then you already know they break super easily. You drop the phone onto any hard surface (just a foot or two is enough) and the screen shatters instantly. Well now what happens is that the phone bends and the screen breaks when people try to bend it back into shape.

Design flaw?

I think not. Apple makes $100 every time a customer comes in with a broken screen ($150 for the 6 Plus).

This kind of defect would have been noticed during product testing. What Apple therefore must have done is shrugged greedily, knowing every time the screen breaks they make more money.

Defect? Pff. More like an opportunity to make waaaaaaay more money off of screens breaking.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stuff My Neighbours Throw Out (Part 2)

To see more of this series of posts, see also:

Stuff My Neighbours Throw Out (Part 1)

or click SMNTO to see the list of posts on this topic.

On this week's episode, my neighbours threw out a mirror (minor scratches on the frame) and a rather well-made set of drawers for putting clothes in - which similarly had a few scratches on it. Both mirror and clothing drawers work fine. Unlike the previous episode however I did not do a "Yoink!" and grab the stuff for myself. This time I just snapped a photo for use as part 2 of this series of blog posts.

Super Glue Pen = Super Waste of Time!

OMG, as office supplies go this product was such a huge waste of time.

Okay so I purchased this "Super Glue Pen" because I figured it would save time. I would just need to press down on it like it was a pen and then glue would be dispensed slowly on the surface. I was expecting it to be slow.

What it was instead was a dot of glue.

So I tried again, pressing harder into the surface as I moved it along the surface.

Just a dot of glue at the start point.

Tried again, going more slowly this time. Same result.

I re-read the instructions on the packaging. Yup. Press hard, go slowly. Doing that. Why is it not working? ARGGGG!!!

So instead I finished the project I was working on by using dots - lots of dots. Like this:

Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot. Dot.

It says on the package it is "easy to use". That is BS. This product was a pain in the royal behind.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Portable USB Hard Drives

I just purchased a 1 TB portable hard drive at Best Buy. The brand and model is WB Absolutely's "My Passport Ultra".

The 1 TB blue version. Also available in red and grey. But not black or white. WTH. (You can get a black one, but only if it is the 500 GB version.)

I could have purchased different makes and models that are 500 GB, 2 TB, 3 TB or even 4 TB versions but I only needed 1 TB... So whatever.

What I found interesting (asides from the prices of the product and similar products) was the warranty... Which included a binding non-class action agreement in the warranty. Meaning if you ever lose your data and try to sue the company, then the company refuses to go to court on a class action basis and you can only sue the company on an individual basis.


What this tells me is several things.

#1, Some purchasers in the past expected the device to work perfectly on a permanent basis. (I hold no such illusions. I fully expect this device to break eventually - likely sometime 5 years from now. By which time I will have transferred any important data to a different device.)

#2. That aforementioned purchasers not only sued for lost data as a class action lawsuit but evidently must have won their case against WB.

Which I find funny.

Below are photos of the various models and several different manufacturers.

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