Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More examples of Smart Advertising

Here are more examples of Smart Advertising, similar to our post from March 1st.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ikea employee insults breastfeeding mother

Here is what happened.

Brea Rehder says she was at the Ottawa Ikea store on Monday and asked about the price of an item she was purchasing.

The cashier went to get another employee who could help. That employee, she said, finished a long conversation with a colleague before making her way to where Rehder, her two children and a friend were waiting.

By then her nine-month-old daughter had begun to fuss, so she started to breast feed her in the store. (Ikea officially has a breastfeeding friendly store policy.)

Then the manager came over. "She came over to me and I asked her my question and immediately she said, 'When you’re done being disgusting, we can discuss this. But in the meantime, take it to the bathroom because you’re holding up the line,'" Rehder quoted the manager as saying.

"But the only reason I was holding up the line was because I was waiting for her."

After she paid for her items and left, Rehder went to the company’s Facebook page to complain about the incident.

"I have never been more insulted in my life," Rehder wrote on Facebook, adding that not only will she reconsider shopping at Ikea in the future, and that says she is also mulling a harassment suit.

Ikea has since apologized to Rehder and says the company is attempting to track down the manager who was involved in the incident.

To do what? Admonish them over an incident that has triggered a store boycott from every woman who has ever breastfed a child in public (and any people who are sympathetic to their cause, myself included).

I should hope this manager gets fired on the spot and I hereby encouraging everyone who reads this to boycott Ikea until they fire the manager for overstepping their bounds and ignoring Ikea's company policy.

Large corporations have company policies for a reason. It is to prevent boycotts, lawsuits and other problems that could hurt the company financially. When an incident like this happens the appropriate thing to do is to ask the employee to resign. If they refuse, more drastic action may be needed such as a demotion or outright firing them.

In this case I am in support of outright firing the manager. Kick them to the curb for ignoring the company policy and drawing a possible lawsuit.

Until Ikea fires the manager in question I am going to leave this post up unchanged and if I ever mention Ikea in future blog posts I will also mention the boycott. If they do fire the employee I will add an "Update" section with the date showing that they have fired the manager, and Ikea can sit safely that our boycott has ended.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Essay Writing Companies in Toronto

Essay writing companies are not illegal - which I find funny, because they are promoting academic dishonesty. Because cheating in school is really only an academic problem...

What is also funny is how they are a dime a dozen. Here are the names of just a few of the local companies, some of which even have offices within walking distance of the University of Toronto campus.

Organized Alphabetically







And many more are out there. These are just a few of the essay writing companies in Toronto that I found by browsing a single Google search.

The companies in question also legitimize themselves by offering other services, like resume writing, CV writing, cover letter writing, editing and proofreading services, course work and research papers.

They can even make Power Point Presentations and Multi Media Projects.

So yeah, there is really no limit to academic dishonesty.

If you asked the student to write poetry or a simple fictional short story, they could probably take it to an essay writing company and they would get poetry and short stories easily.

I have no idea what the prices are for poetry or short stories, but I imagine it is something quite expensive. Creativity and quality writing takes time and effort. The higher quality companies no doubt charge more. Browsing prices on an essay writing website makes for some interesting reading.

For example MastersEssay.com has a form you can plug in your desired requirements for your project and then it gives you a chart that shows the prices for what you are looking for. (And also three levels of quality, so you can choose how good you want your essay to be.)

And you can rush order essays to be done in 3, 6 or 12 hours.

Although I do wonder what crazy person is writing a 10 page art essay in 3 hours... and how much is the writer's cut after the company takes their share?

Evidently a cheating young student would save a lot of money simply by ordering their fake essay at least 10 days in advance.

What I am seeing here is that these companies have become very sophisticated and now offer a huge range of services.

Everything from editing to research to writing the entire thing for you.

In browsing MastersEssay.com's services they even list solving math problems as part of their services.



Now I feel really smart because all my life I wrote all my own essays, did all my own math homework, and I won both literary and math awards back in the 1980s and 1990s.

I find it funny that people are hiring other people to do their own math problems.

What happens when they get out into the real world, are hired as an economist for a big bank... and they cannot do simple math problems??? Are they going to hire someone else to do all their math for them???

I can just imagine the homeless person on the street holding up a sign that says "I have a Masters Degree in Economics but got fired because I cannot do math..."


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oasis Smoothie

By Charles Moffat

Let me make this clear. I do not like bananas, pineapples or coconuts.

But I do like the Oasis Smoothie made out of bananas, pineapples and coconuts... Which makes me quite surprised that it is so good.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Galleria Supermarket - Korean Grocery Store

By Charles Moffat

Ever since I returned from South Korea I have been a fan of going to Korean grocery stores... You can get things there that you cannot get in "normal" grocery stores.

During my trip today to the Galleria Supermarket (which has several locations in Toronto and the GTA) I purchased 4 bags of groceries containing the following.

Thin slices of pork belly (for making samgyopsal Korean BBQ).



800 g of Kimchi

Samhwa Citron Tea

Red Bean Paste

Red Pepper Paste

Beef Bulgogi Ramen

Chicken Flavoured Ramen

Lemon Taiyaki Tea

Crown Peach Candy

Barley Tea

Maeshil Plum Tea

Total was $73.01.

I also got a membership card (which is free) for Galleria Supermarket, which allows me to cash in points later for free stuff at the grocery store - although frankly I will probably forget to cash in the points, but whatever.

Just for signing up for the card they also give you a coupon for $5 - but it is only valid if you come back and spend $30 or more within the next 2 weeks.

So now I have to remember to go back again before March 21st.

Last Defense Utensil Wipes - Good or overly paranoid?

Okay so the makers of Last Defense Utensil Wipes emailed me last week asking if they could send me samples of their product. Which they did.

What it is - in case you did not read the image up above - is disinfectant wipes meant to be used on utensils, glasses, tea cups, etc., basically for anyone who is super paranoid about germs.

Now I do see a real world application for this, namely people with low immune systems like people suffering from HIV / AIDS (who have no immune system at all because the HIV virus killed it).

However for the vast majority of people, worrying about germs is largely just that: Worry and paranoia.

The truth is the vast majority of germs is not going to be spread via utensils and cups at restaurants. It is going to be spread by touching door handles and door knobs, or even just coughed into the air and be attached to water molecules, in which case you will just breathe in the germs...

So unless you are planning to start wearing a face mask over your mouth and nose all the time when outdoors, chances are likely you are going to be exposing yourself to germs.

In which case there are now designer germ masks in a variety of different colours and patterns to choose from.

Back to the Last Defense Utensil Wipes I should probably say that they do work and disinfect whatever it is you are cleaning with them.

Probably. I don't have a microscope that can see germs, so I am only guessing. I cannot tell you whether they work or not at cleaning germs away.

But it probably does do what it says.

In which case you have to ask yourself, how paranoid art thou?

Well if you are the type of person who worries about the cleanliness of restaurants then maybe you should not be eating in public in the first place. Just stay at home, never leave home and eat only things you grow in your private greenhouse.


The product probably does work, but it is one of those niche products that really only appeal to people who are paranoid about eating in public places where germs are in the very air you are breathing anyway.

So if you get sick, don't blame the Last Defense Utensil Wipes because it is not their fault. They are probably doing their job. You breathed in the germs from the air anyway because that is the nature of the world we live in.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Titebond Wood Glues

If you are woodworking eventually you are going to want to use wood glues.

In which case you then have to ask, which one is best for your woodworking project.

Well you could just buy the cheapest glue you can find that provides a reasonable quality. Elmer's wood glue for example.

But the glue I am going to recommend instead is Titebond wood glues, which comes in three main varieties:

Titebond Original (aka Titebond I) which is for indoor use only, and is not meant to get wet. It will work great on all of your woodworking projects that are for outdoors.

Titebond II is water resistant - which means it can be used outdoors.

Titebond III is labelled "waterproof" but in reality it is extra water resistant. It can be used outdoors regularly, but it is not meant for being submerged in water for long periods of time.

Prices for the three different types are:

$8.59 for Titebond Original, $10.49 for Titebond II, and $13.99 for Titebond III.

Another difference is that Titebond III has a longer "Open Time", which is basically the amount of time you can work with the glue before it starts to set. That means you can work on your project longer, making sure the glue is perfect before squeezing your woodworking pieces together and later clamping them.

 There is also differences between the glue strength of each. Titebond III is easily the strongest, but it only a difference of 10% when compared to Titebond I.

So my recommendation is Titebond III for both indoor and outdoor use. No need to buy all three types. Yes, it is more expensive. But one bottle of Titebond III can do the job regardless of what you need it for.

HOWEVER I will point out these glues are not meant for space filler. For that you need an epoxy.

I recently emailed a local bowyer in Toronto, Mike Meusel (who made me a bow in 2013) and asked him what wood glues he uses when making bows. Here is what he had to say:

I get a lot of my glues at Lee Valley –
For gluing of laminatons, risers and tip overlays – Titebond III.
Works great and is waterproof.   Keep in mind Titebond is not a gap-filling glue, so your pieces should be well mated so you get really thin glue lines.  Titebond 3 is what I used on your bow for pretty much all of it I think.  
For best results – Wipe surfaces to be glued with acetone or give a fresh sanding to remove oil/grease/dirt.   Spread a thin layer of glue on both surfaces (sizing coat) – wait 10 minutes, some spots will have soaked up more glue than others which will lead to dry spots in the glue up. Re-apply another layer of glue to both surfaces and clamp. 
G2 epoxies from Lee valley work great as well, but I use them on smaller thing, epoxies are gap-filling glues, so there is a bit more leeway in terms of your mating surfaces.  
- Mike Meusel

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The most awesome Volkswagon commercial of all time

Lets face it, you can't beat a kid dressed as Darth Vader for humour.

This is NOT an endorsement of Volkswagon cars, but it is very amusing advertising.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

10 Examples of Provocative and Smart Advertising

Lets face it, if you can make an ad interesting, funny or provocative in some way then you will get way more people signing up for whatever product you are trying to sell.

Below is 10 advertisements I found to be particularly amusing / well made.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rawlicious - Vegan Restaurant Review

Rawlicious is a Vegan restaurant in Toronto with two different locations. I have been to both locations.

Rawlicious Yorkville
20 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M4W 1J5 ‎
(416) 646-0705

Rawlicious on Bloor
2122 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1M8 ‎
(416) 519-7150

As a non Vegan I must admit however that I do like their menu.

I have been to several other Vegan restaurants in the past and have usually been very disappointed with their menus.

Call it the problem of vegan restaurants, many of them don't know how to make food that will still appeal to non vegans.

But at Rawlicious I find a variety of things I will actually eat.

#1. Smoothies. I love me a good smoothie. A nice protein smoothie is the drink that eats like a meal.

#2. Juices. I recommend the Green Apple and Fruit Punch.

#3. Drinks. Rawlicious is one of very few Vegan restaurants that serves beer. That automatically boosts my opinion of the store. They also have lemonade, hot chocolate and a variety of teas.

#4. Appetizers. Huzzah for Spring Rolls, Soup and Nachos. The soups are changed daily, but they are typically something a non-Vegan can still eat and enjoy.

#5. Salads. It is a Vegan restaurant so there is going to be a lot of salads. My favourite is the caesar salad.

#6. Entrees. Pizza, yeah! But they also have wraps, vegan 'meatloaf', Vegan burger made out of nuts and seeds, taco, pasta and noodles.

#7. Desserts. Brownies, pies (yippee!), cheesecake, ice cream and cookies.

So basically it is a place where myself and other non Vegans can still eat and enjoy the food - and thus when eating with Vegan or vegetarian friends they don't feel forced to scan through a menu designed for omnivores and find something they can actually eat.

Which is what we omnivores do when we visit a normal Vegan restaurant. But thankfully Rawlicious has a good variety of things that even we can eat and enjoy.

Thus as Vegan restaurants go, Rawlicious is truly top of the line and offers something for everyone.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cable TV Packages Vs Downloading TV

Want to hear something funny?

The #1 reason why people download TV shows is because of the ridiculous cable company packages.

Give you an example.

You cannot get the HBO channel by itself. You have to buy a huge package just to get HBO.

On Bell Fibe TV you have to buy three specialty channel packages plus the regular basic cable just to get HBO. You cannot get basic cable plus just HBO.

Thus if you want to watch....

Game of Thrones
True Blood
Boardwalk Empire
The Newsroom
True Detective
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Eastbound and Down
Real Time w/ Bill Maher
Silicon Valley
John Oliver: LWT
Doll and Em
The Leftovers
Hello Ladies
Hard Knocks
Family Tree
Getting On
Dark Tower
American Gods

Well then you are actually better off financially to just download your favourite shows rather than pay for three specialty channel packages just to get HBO. It is not legal strictly speaking, but lets face it, it is the movie industry that is more worried about copyright / downloading.

Now admittedly it is not HBOs fault (or is it?) that the cable companies are trying to ripoff customers with their ridiculous cable packages that require people to spend a fortune just so they can watch ONE show.

Which for many people will probably be Game of Thrones.

Or maybe it is their fault... HBO is a subsidiary of Time Warner, which owns Time Warner Cable... and presumably sells their programming to other cable companies at specific rates - perhaps even requiring in contract that those cable companies sell "packages" instead of individual channels so they can make more profit.

Except what about all the profit they end up losing from people who still have cable (and likely cable internet) and then decide to download their favourite TV shows instead?

I even started an informal poll on Facebook to see how many favourite TV shows people have - which could be used as an indicator as to how many shows people likely download regularly (unless they have the necessary cable packages for all of their faves).

For some people they might only like 1 TV show, which means they would only need to download the 1. Or they might like 5, 10, 15 or more shows and download them regularly.

If they have a Netflix account that gives them more options, but Netflix in Canada is very limited. It only gets a tiny portion of the TV shows that Americans get on Netflix.

As society changes towards downloading TV via Netflix and free downloads TV viewers are also becoming more discerning. They want high quality shows - and they're willing to pay for them - but they are not willing to get ripped off just because cable companies want to sell overpriced packages.

Cable companies are going to have to adapt if they want to survive. Offering the channels people want individually would be a smart first move.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Over 300 Product Reviews + Website Statistics

We recently published our 300th product review on Product Reviews Canada.

As such we feel it is a good time to list some of Product Reviews Canada's statistics and services.

#1. Product Reviews Canada created its first product reviews on October 7th 2010.

#2. Since 2010 Product Reviews Canada has received over 140,000 visitors and continues to become more and more popular. eg. Product Reviews Canada's popularity quadrupled between December 2012 and December 2013. (Not bragging, just saying.)

#3. The vast majority of people visiting Product Reviews Canada come from the USA and Canada - which really is not surprising since the website is in English and usually talking about products and services only available in Canada and the USA.

#4. Product Reviews Canada has had 17 approved comments.

#5. Product Reviews Canada has had 79 comments that were not approved because they contained spam links. (Word to the wise spammers, if you want advertising you need to pay for it or send us a free sample of your product so we can review it. If we see anything spammy or it contains a link to your business, we hit the spam button and delete it.)

If you want a product review just contact us { charlesmoffat at charlesmoffat dot com } and request a product review by sending us a free sample of your product or a gift card for your services.

Oh and by the way... Canada beat Sweden 3 to nothing at the gold medal men's hockey game in Sochi. Suck on that Sweden! :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Minwax Wood Finish - Red Mahogany

I recently purchased red mahogany polyurethane wood finish (the brand on the label is MINWAX) for a DIY woodworking I have been doing for the last month.

Note - I followed all the instructions on the can. I then put it in the hallway to dry because it smells so bad.

However I have been waiting for 2 days for the first coat of the red mahogany stain to dry. I start to wonder "Sheesh, how long does this take to dry???"

I know I followed all the instructions on the can, so I struggle to determine what I might have done wrong.

So I go online and do a google search.

I did find some information stating that if it is exposed to the outdoors and UV light that it will slow the drying process and cause it to yellow and flake off. But my woodworking project is not outside. It is in the hallway with no windows. So this is not an UV issue.

The MINWAX website claims the drying time should be 12 hours. But it has been 2 days and it is still leaving a stain on my hands when I touch it.

The can says to wipe off excess stain after brushing on the stain with a brush. I did all that. There is no excess stain.

According to a forum I found ventilation might be an issue (the hallway has doors at both ends and this might slow ventilation). At present that is my most plausible culprit. So my goal now is to stick a fan in the hallway for 8 hours and see if that makes a difference.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fox and Fiddle during Olympic Hockey Gold for Women

I am in the Fox and Fiddle on Laird Street in Leaside Toronto and we are watching Canadian women about to beat American women for Olympic hockey gold.

I will post the pub review later. The game is about to start.


So Canada beat the USA 3 to 2 - in an amazing and historic game that was a real nail biter. Seriously, why does the CBC not broadcast women's hockey more often???

In other news the decor was good, the place has a pool table and large screen TVs for watching the game, we had the fish and chips (two orders) plus a pitcher of Rickard's White... the chips were wedge cut and sprinkled with spices (very tasty), but the fish was a bit mushy on the inside - cooked but it felt weird that it was mushy. Should have been more crisp.

Tab for the meal (including tip) was $52. But to be fair, it was a pitcher of beer and two orders of fish and chips...

I would be tempted to give the place 5 stars, but the mushy fish gives me doubts about the quality of the food. 4.25 stars out of 5.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

YouTubes Random Movies go up and later come down

If you search for the term "full movie" on YouTube you can find a variety of free movies (many of them Bollywood or Asian movies) that you can watch in HD without having to pay a cent.

Two days ago I watched "White House Down" (the 2013 action film) in HD thanks to some random person who uploaded it. (The film itself was good, I give it 4.5 stars out of 5. I even had tears in my eyes at the end when *SPOILER ALERT* the daughter waved the American flag on the White House lawn.)

Today the movie is gone. Deleted by YouTube's 'copyright infringement police'.

But call it the beauty of YouTube, the copyright infringement police only pay attention to popular movies that came out recently - and what is more they only seem to care if the film is English.

If you browse the long list of films on there (many of them in HD) you will notice that older films and foreign films are widely abundant and all free. Because if it is not new or not in English, then YouTube doesn't care about copyright infringement.

So huzzah. If you're bored and want to watch a random movie for free, just go to YouTube, type full movie in the search and pick from recent releases (which will soon be deleted), old movies (which they don't care about), or foreign films (which might even be recent).

You could watch for example:

Sky Riders, an American action film released in 1976.

Or you could watch

The Defender, a Chinese action film starring Jet Li released in 2013

Not to be confused with...

The Defender, the 2004 movie starring Dolph Lundgren

Silliness. :)

GoPro Camera falls from plane, survives crash and gets licked by pig

The image is distorted due to the speed at which the camera was falling through the air, but the image on the right here is a snapshot taken from a GoPro camera that fell out of a plane while making a skydiving video.

Surprisingly the camera survived the crash by landing in a muddy pig pen, and then it was licked by a curious pig to see if it was food.

The "new owner" of the camera found it 8 months later and managed to recover the video from the camera.

So the end result would lead someone to believe that camera is really tough to survive the fall (into soft mud... so not really) and to survive 8 months outside (in an arid part of the USA where it rarely rains). So honestly, landing in mud and surviving 8 months in a relatively dry location is no big deal.

I once had an USB key go through both my washing machine AND my dryer, without so much of a scratch on it. It still works today. So the truth is some electronics (as long as they are reasonably well made) can withstand a fair amount of falling, bouncing and water. Unless it is an iPhone of course, in which case it will break the first time you drop it.

Monuments Men

I watched the film Monuments Men yesterday. I give it 5 stars out of 5. It deserves some Oscar nominations.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Chapters Greeting Card random sale a ripoff

Okay here is the deal. Chapters is offering a "random sale" of between 5% - 100% off greeting cards for Valentines... But only if you buy a regularly priced item at the same time.

90% of people will only get the 5% off on the greeting card. Ergo the deal isn't really much of a deal. It is a trick to get you to buy a book.

I bought a language book and a magazine... But now I am having buyers regret because I was duped into what essentially feels like gambling.

5% off on a gift card is pennies. And gift cards are way overpriced.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toronto's Eaton's Centre

Toronto's Eaton's Centre is one of the best places to shop in all of North America - but sadly it is largely limited to clothing.

It is great for example if you are a woman and you want to buy lingerie at say La Vie en Rose, Victoria's Secret, or any one of the approx. 10 different lingerie stores inside the Eaton's Centre.

It is not so great if you are a person who likes shopping for power tools - in which case you need to walk to the Canadian Tire down the street because there is no other tool stores in the area.

It is also good if you want to buy books, because then you can go to the Indigo, the World's Biggest Bookstore further north, or the 4 used book stores north on Yonge Street which sell a variety of books on all topics.

The photos below of Toronto's Eaton's Centre were taken in February 2014, during the Winter Olympics in Sochi - shortly before Valentines.

The Crown and the Dragon

The Crown and the Dragon is a low budget fantasy movie - but with a fairly good plot, considering its a low budget film.

There are a lot of cheesy low budget fantasy films out there - and many of them are outright horrible. But I must admit the writers put in some extra effort when they were making "The Crown and the Dragon".

I think this extra narrative quality comes from the fact the movie is based off a book from the book series "The Paladin Cycle", as opposed to most low budget films which are based on a horribly written script. Movies based off of successful books are always going to be more successful.

Take for example the low budget movie "Orc Wars" - which is based on a horribly written script. You can tell the difference between the two films easily just from the quality of the narrative. "The Crown and the Dragon" also had a better budget - nothing spectacular, but enough to make better looking dragons and costumes - whereas in "Orc Wars" some of the orcs are wearing jeans and boots with shoelaces... which shows the costume designers for "Orc Wars" just plain didn't care and had a really small budget to work with.

Thermos Cafe Bottle

By Tamyka

This year, we have a heavy winter season. Beautiful snow covers everywhere. Perfect to slip into my favourite Nike boots and wear my thick black coat in the frigid climate. I walk to catch the TTC bus from my home with my large boring GUESS purse that my older sister had given to me two years ago. Inside I have my dear Thermos cafe bottle to drink my tea on the bus.

With money consumption to buy a warm drink from Tim Horton or Second Cup after I felt BRRR...so one day, I went to Wal-Mart store to buy a beautiful shiny blue thermos cafe bottle at Wal-Mart store. I made a test to see if the thermos cafe bottle is a true miracle. On yes! I poured very hot tea into it and capped it tightly. I sipped it on the bus or on the train, amazingly, the hot tea was still hot for up to about 5 or 6 hours! After that, it became warm.

Thermos cafe bottle is a true miracle and money-saving!

Puck Sports Bar and Grill on Bloor Street

On Monday I went to the Puck Sports Bar and Grill on Bloor Street.

I ordered water (because I had boxing lessons afterwards and it was an inappropriate time to be drinking) and the "Puck Burger".

The glass of water they brought me was HUGE. See photo below. It was so big the straw barely comes out the top - which kind of defeats the purpose of the straw.

The burger was overpriced - and I realized afterwards I should have ordered the basic burger which was on special. Whoops! Total cost (including tip) was $16. It did come with fries and coleslaw, but that is very expensive for a burger.

Beyond that the place was kind of plain - the decorations were focused on many different screens so that regardless of which direction you looked (ignoring the floor and ceiling) you could watch the 2014 Winter Olympics.


Food - Okay. 1 star.
Service - Okay. 1 star.
Decor - Nothing special, zero stars.
Price - Horribly expensive, zero stars.
Zazz - Meh, sports bar. I didn't even ask if they had wi-fi. They have tvs, that is their gimmick, so zero stars for zazz.

Total is 2 stars out of 5. Disappointing to say the least.

Puck Sports Bar and Grill

Address: 362 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X6
Phone:(416) 901-7825
Sunday 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Monday 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Tuesday 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Wednesday 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Thursday 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Friday 11:00 am – 2:00 am
Saturday 11:00 am – 2:00 am

Handmade Quilts - Amazing quality, but very expensive

By Charles Moffat.

Further below is a photo of a handmade quilt made by my Aunt Edna, quilted circa 1979.

What I like about this quilt, aside from the horses which are awesome, is the fact that it is both incredibly warm, but also highly decorative. Oh and easy to clean, thanks to her choices of materials.

In this particular case the quilt stayed wrapped up for many years and I didn't even know it existed until I was a teenager. Then it stayed wrapped up for many more years (because I felt it was too valuable to use).

It was only recently that I started using this quilt which is 35 years old now and has been used less than a month during its lifespan. I made the decision to start using it because I realized it was a waste to have such a nice quilt and leave it in a closet unused all the time.

Plus I like horses. So added bonus. (How did my aunt know I would like horses???)

The trick about quilts like these is that they are exceptionally valuable. To hire someone to make a quilt like this in 2014 would cost over $1,000 CDN easily - because of all the hand stitching and embroidery. Each of those horses embroidered on the quilt took hours of skilled labour to complete. 24 squares plus all the other embroidery, the backing, the stuffing, the endless hours of sewing. We are looking at a quilt in the $1,200 range - at least.

Go on Ebay or Etsy and you will find handmade quilts with price tags ranging between $700 and $29,000. I also found a news article about a quilt that sold at a Sotheby's auction for $264,000. (The higher prices for these quilts are because they are classified as art pieces instead of items meant to be used on your bed.)

So yes, you can get an amazing quality quilt that is a work of art as a gift from your aunt or grandmother or similar relative - but if you try to go out and buy a quilt like that expect to be paying an arm and a leg for something that is now valued more for its artistic qualities than its ability to keep you warm at night.

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